The Drone Frontier

Testing beyond the tech

July 05, 2022 Frontier Technologies Hub Season 2 Episode 2
The Drone Frontier
Testing beyond the tech
Show Notes

We first speak to Ruth McPake from the Frontier Technologies Hub. Ruth is a Senior Consultant at IMC Worldwide, one of the partner organisations that make up the Hub.

The Hub has explored the use of drones predominantly through its Livestreaming programme, which since 2016 has partnered FCDO staff with technologists and other actors to test an idea for impact within a pilot project. Ruth talks about what we’ve learned from testing drone technology in a wide variety of use cases. 

Next, we hear from Kush Gadhia, Senior Business Development Manager at Astral Aerial Solutions, a drone company and affiliate of Astral Aviation, an all-cargo airline based in Kenya.

Kush has been working on one of the pilots supported by the programme, which has looked specifically at whether drones can be used as a complementary solution to tackle the desert locust problem in East Africa.  We discuss Kush’s experience of leading a small, local team, and what the next steps are when it comes to testing drones in this nascent use case.

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